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How much does a private heart scan cost? NHS versus Private - why wait?

Female advanced physiologist performing an echocardiogram

Health problems are on the rise. Health anxiety due to fewer GP’s, 15 hour waits in A & E, months and months of NHS waiting lists and busy and stressful lives is common. Access to simple and effective free NHS cardiac heart scans and other diagnostic tests is an upward struggle or an impossible achievement for some.

Private Heart Scan cost vs long NHS waiting lists

People are sitting on waiting lists with significant health problems waiting to be diagnosed. In the meantime permanent damage is occurring. The worry and anxiety of spending months concerned about symptoms, are significantly having a negative impact on home life and work.

Its a shocking fact people are dying waiting for their tests.

Your Heart Scan are here to help.

Whether it’s a private echocardiogram (heart scan), a private ECG or private ECG monitoring that you require, we offer fast, effective scans and cardiac assessments with no waiting times, fast diagnosis with a 3 day turn around for results at prices and ways to pay that are affordable for all.

£250 – Echocardiogram
£255 starting price – Ambulatory ECG monitoring

Read our 5* Trustpilot reviews here:

Here at Your Heart Scan, we offer a range of non-diagnostic cardiac screening assessments. One of our assessments is called an Echocardiogram, this is study using ultrasound, the ultrasound beam passes into the heart bouncing of the internal structures.

How does a heart scan work?

Using ultrasound waves to create a real time moving image of your heart, enabling us to assess the movement and function of your heart muscle, from this we are able to give an estimate of the percentage of how well your heart muscle contracts, how thick your heart muscle is or whether there are areas that are thinned, we can also see any areas of the heart muscle that is damaged or not working as well as it should and how well your heart relaxes.

What does a heart scan check for?

We assess the size of the four chambers of your heart. We also have a detailed look at the heart valves, we can see how well they open, if they are thickened or leaking or whether you have been born with abnormal heart valves which can run in families. We also check for any abnormal connections within the heart (hole in the heart) and the main blood vessels that are attached.

An Echocardiogram is a very thorough assessment of the heart. The cost of a private Echocardiogram is £250, this includes the Advanced Physiologists report, our Cardiologist’s review and advice with results being sent to yourself and your GP or referring clinician.

Electrocardiogram scan

An ECG is a recording of your heart’s electrical activity over a period of time, around 10 seconds. Using small electrodes that are placed onto the skin across your chest, arms and legs. An ECG gives a lot of useful information including the rate and rhythm of your heart. We can see if you are having a heart attack or whether you have had a heart attack in the past. We measure the intervals of the heartbeat, this can tell us whether there is delay (heart block), we can also tell if the heart chambers are dilated, the heart muscle is thickened, it can also give an indication that you heart valve disease or that your heart function may not be working as well as you can.

A private Electrocardiogram (ECG) costs £75 at Your Heart Scan.

Why have an Echocardiogram and ECG package?
Our combination package costs £300. At Your Heart Scan this is our most popular booking.

The combination of looking at the structure and function of your heart and the electrical activity creates a bigger picture, you can have a structurally normal heart but the electrical side is malfunctioning or visa versa. The combination of the two tests together allows us to give you a good all round assessment of your heart.

At Your Heart Scan we now offer Ambulatory ECG monitoring, with prices starting at £255 for our 24 hour monitor, £265 for our 48 hour monitor and £325 for our 7 day monitor.

Our monitors are easy to use, and light weight, allowing you to carry on with your normal life while wearing one. Prolonged monitoring of your heart is a great assessment for patients who are experiencing palpitations, dizziness or blackouts. Wearing one of our monitors gives you a greater chance of detecting any abnormality of your heart rhythm that may cause symptoms, giving you a better chance of a diagnosis.


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