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About Your Heart Scan


Our highly qualified, caring staff

Advanced physiologist scanning a male patient for an echocardiogram

State-of-the-art facilities

Getting to know us

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Over the years it has become increasingly hard to access healthcare in an acceptable timeframe, not only that, but society is changing, and wanting to take ownership of our own health is becoming a more standard way of life.

We believe that everyone should have easy and fast access to heart assessments

We believe that the way we think is changing. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our outlook on life, making it a good time to rethink how healthcare can be offered in the UK. With more awareness of our own health, people should be able to access non-invasive and safe heart health checks, when they want, at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Due to the demands within the NHS and long waiting times it is becoming harder for members of the public to access diagnostic services. Patients on a daily basis are finding the wait for a diagnosis very frustrating, or having to endure months of symptoms which may worsen over time.

Not only have there been unprecedented demands on the health service, but there also has been incredible demands on healthcare staff, we at Your Heart Scan do things differently. Our staff are our family and we believe strongly in taking care of our team, and developing the correct working environment and ethos is one of our major priorities. We want our entire team to be able to balance their work and home lives, encouraging a happy and healthy lifestyle.

We only employ highly specialised advanced professionals, and we only use the latest equipment and technology to provide the highest quality service, whether it is to speed up diagnosis and treatment or for reassurance for people who wish to take ownership of their own health.

  • A quick and painless, non-invasive test, using sound waves.

    250 British pounds
  • Useful test to record rhythm, rate & electrical activity of the heart.

    75 British pounds
  • Book an ECHO and ECG package together and save £25

    300 British pounds
  • SAVE £50 when you book an ECHO and 24 hr ECG together.

    455 British pounds
  • SAVE £50 when you book an ECHO and 48 hr ECG together.

    465 British pounds
  • SAVE £50 when you book an ECHO and 7 day ECG together.

    525 British pounds
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