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Self Referral Service

Our self-referral service is for anyone aged 18 or over who wishes to have an assessment of their heart whether they have symptoms or not. You do not have to have seen a clinician to book yourself onto any of our services.


You can book our services even if you have been referred by your doctor but wish to speed up the process.


The only patients we cannot see are people with known congenital heart disease (including ASD, VSD or patients with a congenital disorder that has a high association with cardiac disease e.g., Down’s Syndrome, Noonan’s syndrome, William’s disease) and professionally paid footballers. 

The benefits of using the self-referring route to Your Heart Scan include:

  • Simple, cost-effective, and fast process

  • High specification locations accessible to all

  • The latest portable equipment

  • Fully accredited and highly experienced staff

  • All echocardiogram images and report reviewed by echo Consultant Cardiologist

All you need to do is either book an appointment via our website or phone us if you would prefer to speak to someone.  If you have any questions, prior to or regarding your booking please send us a message via contact us and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Once our Physiologists and Cardiology Consultant have reviewed your images and written your report you and your GP will receive a copy of the results within 3 days of the appointment.

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