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Services for Private Companies

We offer our services to all private companies who require echocardiography, whether it’s for medical requirements or wellbeing incentives for staff. Our service is for anyone aged 18 or over,

the only people we cannot see are people with known congenital heart disease (including ASD, VSD or anyone with a congenital disorder that has a high association with cardiac disease e.g., Down’s Syndrome, Noonan’s syndrome, William’s disease) and professionally paid footballers.   


The benefits of using Your Heart Scan include: 


  • Simple, cost-effective, and fast process 

  • High specification locations accessible to all 

  • The latest portable equipment 

  • Fully accredited and highly experienced staff 

  • All echocardiogram images and report reviewed by echo Consultant Cardiologist 

  • Full adherence to Clinical Governance framework and GDPR compliance. 

Please message us via contact us on our website or alternatively phone us on 01332 315778 to discuss your companies’ requirements or if a member of your team is self-funding please book here

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