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Ambulatory BP Monitor

24-hour ambulatory BP monitor supplied directly to you via courier

Ambulatory BP Monitor

  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Self-Referral

    Prior to booking, please read the following Terms and Conditions:

    You need to be aware of and agree to the following important information prior to proceeding with a self-referral booking:

    • We can only fit ambulatory BP monitors to people aged 18 and above.

    • We are unable to accept a self-referral booking from you if you are engaged in professional sports or for anything connected with a professional sports club of which you are a member of.

    • The booking form must be completed giving details of symptoms and reasons why you would like the device to be fitted in detail.

    • You must understand that an ambulatory BP monitor may not capture any abnormalities with your blood pressure during the duration for which you have worn it.

    Your use of the Equipment

    • You will be provided with an ambulatory BP monitor by Cardioscan UK. You will be provided with the required information and fitting instructions at the time of the delivery of the equipment.

    • If you are unable or unsure how to fit the Equipment, please click this link for informative advice and videos Mobil-O-Graph Help - CardioScan UK If you still require advice, please contact Your Heart Scan at or phone 01332 315778 (08:00 – 18:00).

    • Cardioscan UK own the equipment. You agree to engage with Cardioscan UK’s request to return the equipment in good condition at the end of the recording. You agree that if you fail to return the equipment and following attempts to contact you by phone and a written demand to do so, you will be liable to pay the full replacement cost of the Equipment. 

    • You acknowledge that returning the equipment late means a delay in your results which could adversely affect any necessary treatment required.

    • You agree to take good care of the equipment and to use it only in accordance with any instructions provided.

    • You accept responsibility for any loss of or damage to the equipment that occurs whilst in your possession.

    • Cardioscan UK accept responsibility for dispatch and collection of the equipment using a reputable courier. Please ensure you retain your collection receipt as proof your equipment was collected.

    • You consent for your personal data to be shared with Cardioscan UK and its associated partners as required in order for it to carry out its services. This might include without limitation communication to deliver/collect the equipment and reporting on the equipment’s recording.

    • You accept you are solely responsible for choosing the type of investigation and that you are not relying on any input in this regard, whether clinical or otherwise, from Your Heart Scan.

    • You must be registered with an NHS GP, to whom a copy of the report will be sent and with whom all discussions about your future care must take place. We cannot enter any such discussions with you. We cannot perform any test if you do not wish to give us your GP or clinician details.

    • A physiologist will write the report, a second physiologist then reviews the report ensuring quality assurance. If significant findings are discovered you and your GP will be informed immediately, otherwise your results will be sent to your GP and yourself if you have self-referred. Returning via courier - results in up to 5 working days. Returning at a clinic - results in up to 3 working days..

    • Your full recording duration will be analysed. Please note that if the BP cuff is removed early this will limit the amount of the recorded duration that can be analysed.

    • The NHS and private medical insurance companies will not fund or cover self-referrals. All self-referrals are undertaken on a self-pay basis only.

    By completing the booking form and paying for the service, you acknowledge that you have both read and agree to the above information.

  • If you would rather discuss something with us before booking please contact us and we will be in touch shortly. We are happy to discuss all aspects of your appointment or any queries that you may have.

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